Xiaolin Craft & Culture


          At Xiaolin, each cannagar is hand-crafted to the highest standards by thoroughly trained artisans. We’re high rollers, and rolled proper is our standard. Striving to create products that are the perfectly crafted experience, we only smoke and produce blunts that are rolled proper.
          We start with carefully curated flower and concentrate combinations based on terpene profile, genetics, and effect. It’s then precisely packed and wrapped in specially cured leaves to ensure a smooth and even draw. The cannagar is finally cured to perfection. From seed to smoke, we curate the entire experience to bring you the everlasting blunt.


          Each cannagar is carefully selected based on appearance, aroma, effects and benefits. Most will fall under a calm and energetic category typically associated with sativa and indica strains.






Why are cannagars not all the same lengths?

Cannabis flower is different from tobacco leaves used in traditional cigars. Depending on the strain, different strains will have different structures and pack differently. Density and stickiness all play different roles in the final length. Even within the same strain, lengths may vary.

What is the lit time and how is lit time calculated?

Lit time is the approximate burn time of a cannagar with continuous smoking. It is calculated at 10-15 minutes per gram.

How do you light a cannagar?

We like to light a cannagar with small torch lighters. They’re very effective because of their small intense flame. Put the flame up to the foot of the cannagar then rotate the cannagar so that the foot burns evenly. You want to keep the flame on the foot for 15-30 seconds at a time. Blow on it, then inhale. What you don’t want to do is light it in your mouth and inhale. This could burn your throat or your tongue. If the cannagar isn’t lit, repeat by putting the flame on the torch for another 15-30  seconds. The process to get it lit may take some time, but once you get it going, the cannagar will smoke well. Another thing you want to keep in mind is that the smoke coming out of the head may be extremely hot. To avoid burning your lips, keep your lips away from the hole on the head.

How do you put a cannagar out?

When you’re ready to extinguish the cannagar, a very effective way is to leave it alone in an ashtray until it goes out. You can also use a cigar cutter and cut the burnt end so that you’ll have a clean foot to light next time.

How to store you cannagar?

An optimal way to store your cannagar is in its original sealed packaging until you are ready to smoke it. Keep cannagars out of direct sunlight. If taken out, cannagars can be stored in a humidor at 62% relative humidity. Be careful to ash it completely or cut it cleanly before storage.

What do we put in our cannagars?

We pair the highest quality flower and concentrate together based on terpene profiles and effects to bring you a unique experience.

What is the shelf life of a Xiaolin Cannagar?

If stored properly in proper temperatures and humidity, and out of direct sunlight, you can enjoy your cannagar for ( ). Please remember that cannagars are delicate and should be handled with extreme care.

What do I do with the roach?

We like to finish it off in a bowl. It’s essentially a bowl puck, and you’ll get a good five minutes of lit time on a single bowl.